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| Our Company |

It has always been the goal of Fine Art Resources to leave our clients so happy with our work that they call us again and again and we become their provider “for life.” In that way, it becomes possible for Fine Art Resources really to be involved with the goals of the client and have the client’s best interests at heart at all times. We can say with great pride that over the past 20 years we have a long list of clients who have become such “lifelong” partners.

We work directly with our clients or with their designers and/or architects — from blue print, color boards or oral instructions. Each facility we do has a personality of its own as we always take the building’s design, purpose, etc., and the client’s and designer’s wishes into account when choosing or helping to choose their artwork.

Original artwork
One of the things which differentiates Fine Art Resources from other similar providers is that in addition to providing posters and limited editions we can also obtain original art created specifically for our clients’ needs by appropriate artists from our many sources. We also offer other original works, dimensional images and wall sculpture. Our owner, Merry Landis, is an accomplished and trained fine artist who on occasion has created artwork for several clients when what they wanted was not commercially available or not available within their budget. In addition, we often suggest and can provide local photographs as design elements which can be very comforting visuals to people in difficult situations.

We do not merely install published art, but can create it ourselves and have encouraged appropriate clients to choose different types of images. For instance, in a recent project for an elder care facility, we used old advertisements that would be fondly remembered by the residents including a Whitman’s Sampler featuring a WWII soldier … Lux Soap … Breck Shampoo … and Green Stamps.

Fine Art Resources can perform both wire and security installation. We go to great lengths to keep your area as clean as possible during installation and always leave your space neat, impeccable and ready for public viewing. (no fingerprints on the glass or plexi, no debris on the floors, etc.). We adhere to prices and delivery dates. Because of our experience, volume and expertise, we can offer you very affordable rates for our services. There is no charge for special mat cuts or decorated mats or for inserting donor plaques in the mats.

| Owner, Merry Landis |

Merry N. Landis, owner of Fine Art Resources, brings an extensive fine arts background and in-depth consultancy experience to every client project. In the 25 years that she has been in business, she has consulted with and placed artwork in over 300 companies and organizations and has developed a significant reputation in the healthcare and hospitality fields, now her specialty.

Merry holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. from the University of Maryland, and did post-graduate work at U.C.L.A. She has been an art consultant for over 20 years — beginning with the ownership of Open Space Gallery in Allentown, Pa., and continuing with the founding of Fine Art Resources in 1986.

Although Merry has consulted on many projects during her career, her primary field has been health care and she is the founding president of the Pennsylvania Convening Chapter of Network of Executive Women in Hospitality, Inc. Her other arts activities have included: curating a women’s art exhibit in Allentown … chairing all visual arts activities for MAYFAIR, an Allentown arts festival … and working as a board member (Fundraising Chair) with the Society of the Arts of the Allentown Art Museum (SOTA).

Merry supervises and takes direct responsibility for all projects — from conception and acquiring the appropriate artwork to overseeing onsite installations. She works directly with clients or their designers, selecting either one important piece or a series of art and accessories which capture the proper essence of the project or institution. Herself an artist, Merry has even created artwork for several clients when what they wanted was not commercially available or not available within their budget.

Named one of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business in 2009 by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and the Business Journals, Merry is a Past-President of the Executive Women’s Council of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. Other community activities have included founding member and Board President of Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley and Vice Chair of the Allentown Human Relations Commission.

| Our Proccess |

Initial Consultation
We start by discussing your needs, your business’s personality, and the space involved. Whether you need an important oil for an executive area, a series of prints for a long corridor, a special commission, or inexpensive unlimited-edition posters … we’ll bring a selection of slides, photographs, brochures, catalogues and actual artwork to your site for selection.

Available Art
We can provide a wide variety of art to fit your budget — from unique works in various media including painting, sculpture, collage, fiber, etc. to signed limited edition graphics and reproductions. We represent local artists and also handle those with regional, national and international reputations. We are proud of our ability to work as well in the lower price ranges as we do with investment art.

Matting and Framing
Professional and distinctive matting and framing provides museum-quality appearance and preserves your investment.

Installation includes hand delivery and installation or supervision of proper placement and mounting.

Acquisition Options
We offer direct purchase, a lease/purchase arrangement by which you can acquire the artwork out of the regular monthly operating budget, and designer or architect purchase and commission. We will work with you in virtually any manner to ensure the results meet your needs and expectations.